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We are here to help you with all your pet questions, needs and supplies. We take pride in offering our customers friendly, knowledgeable service and a love for animals of all kinds.

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We will be conintuing to remain open 9am - 5pm seven days a week, come visit us for all your pet needs! To protect our customers and employees we ask you to come in and get the supplies you need and not touch anything you are not purchasing. We will continue to stay open as long as things don't get worse. You may call ahead and allow us to get your order ready before you arrive (207) 474-7700
Thank-you! #protectyourcommunity

Call today to set up a grooming appointment for your pet! We do all kinds of dogs and cats. Also nail trimming for most animals is only $10.00 Call to see if groomer is in before you make the trip. See you soon.

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