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Bird Poison: Birds are very sensitive to air pollutants and things like cigarette smoke, aerosol sprays, scented candles and cleaning supplies. They could make your bird very ill or could cause death.

Available Birds:

Bare-eyed cockatoo [View Image]
Indian ringneck parakeet [View Image] [View Image] [View Image]
Parakeets (Assorted Colors)
Zebra Finches
Society Finches
Cockatiels : Sold out
Hand fed conures
Scarlet Chested Conure
Lovebirds [View Image] [View Image] [View Image]
Ring Neck Doves

*****Updated October 02, 2019

To check availability or to request for us to order one for you, click on the link below... (We will check with our breeders for availability & contact you as soon as possible.)

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